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Quick Update 6/02/08 - the last couple of weeks much has happened. We had an amazing time out in Bishop, Ca with close friends! From there we headed out to Monterey, Ca (with a brief stop over in the bay area) for Memorial Day weekend with Steven's family. As Memorial day concluded the twinki made its way up to Pollock Pines, Ca and Kappie and I sent out for a mini-epic as we climbed Lover's Leap on a moody day (rain!). We also took some time to explore Placerville a bit (more on that later). After a few days in Pollock Pines Kappie and I tootled our way on up to her parent's house in Tulelake, Ca. We will be here through Kappie's brother's graduation and her mother's birthday. And while we anxiously await the festivities we are planting flowers!

Now for the part you have all been waiting for... In our travels Kappie and I have decided that we will try living in Northern California for the next season of our lives. In particular we are looking in and around the Sacromento area. Kappie has found a hopital in Placerville, Ca with values and a management style in which she thinks she will be able to venture into women's health as well as labor and delivery. We have also stumbled upon a really cute house within walking distance of downtown and the hospital whose rent is little more than we paid for our 1 bedroom appartment in Monrovia! As for me (Steven), job opportunities are varried and somewhat sparce. I am waiting for a response from a large aerospace coorporation in Folsom, Ca, and contimplating going into the solar panel installation business. Things should start becoming clearer in the next couple of weeks. Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

5/15/08 - Bishop, Ca! We are back in Cali and happy to have made it through Nevada without overheating. We did make one quick stop in Great Basin National Park (2 days) to explore an incredible limestone cave. We were bummed to find out you had to take a tour, so we paid our dues and put up with the cheesy jokes as we wound through the marble passages underground. On our departure from Great Basin we were blessed with a nice snowy/windy day to cross the most mountainous state in the union - also arguably the most desolate! Along the way we did venture off road a bit to visit the "Lunar Crater" which is neither Lunar nor an impact crater. It was however a very round volcanic crater...kinda cool...not really worth the 9 miles of washboards though. Now we are in Bishop and enjoying the beautiful climbing in the Eastern Sierras. So far we have spent our time in the Owens River Gourge, however this weekend we will be doing some prodigious bouldering in the area! Tomorrow we will also reunite with some of our family from Southern California as they come to spend the weekend camping with us.

P.S. We have updated the pictures section with pics of our journey back from Colorado

5/08/08 - Kappie and I are on the move again. We left Colorado a few days ago and are now in the middle of nowhere Utah. On the way we stopped in Steamboat Springs, Co and discovered an amazing hot spring at the end of a long dirt road! We have also enjoyed Colorado National Monument, Arches National Park, and Canyonlands National Park. The Colorado Plateau is full of some beautiful scenery and more tourists than mesas it seems! While in Arches we managed to find liscence plates from most of the lower 48 states (and even one from Alaska). All of the Winnabegos have helped us to decide to flee the national park circuit for a couple of days in order to explore some smaller points of interest...About ~25 miles down a sequence of dirt roads outside of nowhere Utah is a Dinosaur bone quarry that we tried to visit today. Unfortunately it won't be open until tomorrow - now we are a ways farther down the dirt road and overlooking a pretty canyon for the night. We are slowly but surely making the journey back to California and what seems like the path towards a stable existence? Plans for where we might end up are starting to filter out, though at this point things are still anything but certain. Thanks for all your continued prayers and support! (P.S. does anyone know of a good way to get rid of's kinda in the way...)

04/15/08 - Kappie, the bus, and I have all made it to the very elevated state of Colorado. On our way we took an amazing tour of many national parks. From Tahoe we drove down the beautiful eastern Sierra's on our way to Death Valley. As Death valley released its grip we found ourselves in Zion National Park where sandstone cliffs stood at biblical proportions. Kappie's mom treated us to a quick clutch cable replacement at the local spa. After our spa treatments we were hiking our way through Bryce Canyon, in which we were told was a "hell-of-a place to loose a cow!" The drive through southern Utah was a never ending flow of spectacular vistas, steep grades, and bullying winds. Finally Utah gave way to Colorado and Mesa Verde relinquished its secrets as we toured through the cliff dwellings of the ancient Puebloians. Before hitting the front range we managed to swing through the great sand dunes (no really, there are 700 ft sand dunes in Colorado!) and spied a great local cafe in Blanca! Now we are with our friends Shilo, Ryan, and thier Schizophrenic dog in Loveland, Colorado.

03/21/08 - Well...a lot has happened since we last updated the website. We drove from Monrovia up to Lake Tahoe and have been here ever since. For our first week up here we were in the beautiful little town of Truckee, CA where we enjoyed time visiting with Kappie's family, skiing, sleeping in the closet (all the rooms were taken) of a crazy rental house, and watching Kappie's brother's state ski races.

When Kappie's family had to return home and our legs were crying for a break we made our way back down to Steven's parent's house where we have been working on cabinets ever since! Our time here has been relaxed and full of conversation, though we have done enough sanding to last us a lifetime. Kappie has been looking into different schools with Certified Nurse Midwife programs and Steven has been playing with electricity. We are currently planning on leaving the world of cabinet refinishing for Colorado at the begining of April...but that all depends on how many coats of stain the cabinets require...

02/26/08 - We are officially now back in the United States! We are very gratefull for our time down at the mission and are going to miss the relationships we developed with all of the kids and the staff. God used our time down there to teach us many things about ourselves and how to live in community with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Now we are on our way up to Lake Tahoe for the grand Staunton family ski trip! On our way up we have taken a few days to reconnect with our church and community in Monrovia (Southern California) which seems to have exploded with new the form of walking, crawling, gooing, and drooling babies! We are still wresting with many ideas of where we might end our journey, but ultimately its still anyone's guess where we will end up. As for today, we are off to the Griffith Park Observitory in L.A. with Ivy and Diego to explore our solar system and the universe!

01/28/08 - A late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all! Kappie and I are enjoying our time down here in Mexico though it feels as if we just got here. It is said down here that the days are long, but the weeks/months are a blur. The "kids" and the staff have been an incredible blessing in our lives as we have had the opportunity to form relationships. I say "kids" because some of them are older than us! Christmas was an insane event involving all 17 of the orphans, dozens of presents for each, and a sugar coma on account of the excellent fudge. Our New Years Eve was even crazier as our bottle rockets, m30's, and mortars ushered in the New Year while relieving us of our hearing. Our first surprise of the New Year was when we found out that Ben, Ivy, and Diego were planning on visiting us down here at the mission! We had the beginnings of a hippie convention with the two busses parked next to each other, but there were no tree sits or demonstrations just the reuniting of extended family.

This last week we were able to visit family and friends alike as we journeyed north to attend the wedding of two of our good friends. While in the states we went skiing at Mt. Bachelor and proceeded to wade our way through the rain to Sacramento for the wedding. At the wedding we were met by many friends whom we had not seen in a long time and had a great time dancing. Congratulations Matt and Andrea, we love you guys!!! We are now back in Mexico. We had an awesome time reconnecting with our families and are looking forward to the family ski trip next month (though our legs are not)!

11/21/07 - Happy Thanksgiving all! Kappie and I are now in Mexico and adjusting to the new pace of life. We just wanted to throw up a few pics of our new home and let you all know that really the only way to contact us while we are down here is via snail mail to the address in the previous post. Those of you who might wish to join us down here for a time (whether a weekend or a week) please send a letter addressed to Carlos Alcantara and let him know who you are, why you wish to come down, and when/how long you will be there. Peace out

11/16/07 - Three weeks ago we pulled into what we hoped was Southern California. Truth is, we really couldn't tell on account of the thick smoke enveloping the Twinkie and its inhabitants. Eventually, however, we found our way up to Big Bear, California for a wonderful time of reconnection with our church community. It was a very quick weekend filled with lots of good food, ridiculously long and psychoanalytical games of mafia, and many nurturing games of settlers! As the real world started closing in our good friends and SoCal family returned to the smoke filled valley while we retreated to the cactus filled hills of Joshua Tree National Park. Here we filled our time with amazing climbs, good books, and avoiding sunburn. Kappie did amazing on her first 5.8 trad lead and Steven managed to wear the rubber off of his climbing shoes! We were both saddened to leave but we were grateful for the memories we had garnered with friends and antelope gray squirrels alike. Now we are off to Mexico for a season. We are not sure exactly what to expect, so the web-site might only be sporadically update. For those who have expressed the desire to come down and visit the mission with us the best means of communication is through snail-mail. Our address for the winter will be:

The Mission
PO Box 460
Tecate CA 91980

10/24/07 - Our time in the Tahoe area was quite nice and having become accustomed to the mountains it was difficult to head south into the bay area city life. However, as soon as we arrived at Steven's grandmothers house the city seemed much more welcoming. For the next couple of days we hung out with granny and some old high school friends while also meeting up with some extended family, Rick and Cathy Ciampa, who took us out sailing in the San Francisco Bay and introduced us to life aboard a sailboat! From the bay area we made our way south on highway 1 towards Monterey where we met up with Steven's sister for a great evening (including a very long walk to dinner). After an expensive stop in Big Sur (They charge $8 just to hike on their trails!) we enjoyed a beautiful drive down the coast and have today found ourselves in Ventura, Ca meeting up with some close college friends. We have noticed that the bus liked the cooler weather of the Pacific Northwest much better than the heat of the south. We haven't told it yet about the fires it is going to have to drive through to get through Southern California...

10/13/07 - We are back in California and have made it all the way down to Steven's parent's house just in time to celebrate both Steven's sister's 18th birthday and our God-son's 1st birthday! The redwoods and the California coast were very beautiful, but much too crowded - though we really would like to return and backpack through the parks. From there we headed towards Mt. Lassen via a "rarely" used dirt road out of the park that was supposed to yield views of elk, bears, and even a possible mountain lion! Unfortunately our only excitement was when we were past by a CDF unit heading out to a fire, and the only wildlife we saw were the local loggers. When we finally arrived at Mt. Lassen we discovered to our dismay that the road going through the park was closed along with all of the campgrounds within the park! So, after getting lost 6 miles in the middle of nowhere on yet another dirt road (but this time low on gas) and then again at a town that is designed to confuse travelers we finally arrived some untold hours later at the south entrance to the park and culminate our Mt. Lassen experience with the toss of a snowball into a hole in the ground filled with sulfur and boiling water.

10/06/07 - After 7 strait days of rain (and some snow) Kappie and I decided it was time to leave Washington and dry out - since we were starting to smell like mold and mildew! On our way out we swung my Mount Rainer and St. Helens only to be greeted with snow and clouds preventing us from seeing either summit, though we were able to take advantage of a break in the storm to hike a little bit on Mt. Rainer. Thankfully God has seen fit to bless us with glorious sunshine as we make our way down the Oregon Coast. Today we are heading for Medford, Or to meet up with family before we say goodbye to Oregon and head back down into California to visit the redwoods and an ice-cream stand recommended to us by Aunt Jodie! The forum is up and running for those of you who wish to talk to us.

10/01/07 - Today marks our fifth day up here in Washington and only the second one in which we have seen a glimpse of the sun! We started by driving up the 101 along the coast of the Olympic peninsula and into Olympic National Park - where we camped in a rain forest, almost walked into a herd of Roosevelt Elk, and shared a sulfur rich natural hot spring with a bunch of strangers (who didn't seem particularly concerned that it was a private pool as they changed in front of us and hopped in). Now, after a long drive and a couple of ferries we are on Lopez Island, part of the San Juan Islands, enjoying the brief break in rain and an all but deserted park with a particularly interesting population of spiders. This morning we were informed that apparently it is Monday, and as such the bakery (which played a large role in deciding which island to camp on) is closed. So, tomorrow we will leave back for the mainland sans fresh baked goods, but with lovely memories of a quaint island town that must endure baking their own pastries on Monday and Tuesday mornings

9/26/07 - So, we had an amazing time catching up with our family down south. It unfortunately went way too fast. Scott and Natalie had an amazing wedding that Kappie and I were so very honored to be a part of. The whole trip went by like a blur and we were only able to hang out with a few of the people we wanted to, but it was still such a blessing to reunite with many of the persons who have been so formative and supportive in our lives. Unfortunately our camera was left in Marissa's car during the wedding and the only pics we have of our trip are of Diego's birthday cake - which Ivy and Kappie toiled on through the wee hours of the morn'.

9/22/07 - The birth of the quick update page... We decided that it would be much easier to be lazy and update our website on the road using this blog format rather than trying to keep everything else constantly updated. So look here for our latest reports and images. (The rest of the site will be updated, just not as regularly)

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